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   GREAF focuses on developing and manufacturing Chinese high-quality cosmetic active ingredients, herbal extracts and fermentative ingredients in steps of global novel biotechnology. Consequently, GREAF has established first-class R&D center and Class 100,000 clean plant, and has introduced a comprehensive product safety and efficacy evaluation system that combines molecule, cell, 3D epidermis and clinic level. Under management system of 5S, ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001 and GMP, GREAF brings cosmetic companies high-value ingredients.

  In order to let the world use Chinese first class ingredients, Greaf develops Chinese herbs’ unique values on skin care efficacy.

  • Jinshan GMP Plant in Shanghai, China

  • Jinshan GMP Plant---Fermentation Workshop

    • R&D Center in Lotus Valley, Shanghai

    • R&D Center in Lotus Valley, Shanghai