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Gmoist Sea-Gel


Gmoist Sea-Gel is a new type of moisturizing agent derived from marine plant Fucus Algae. It focuses on regulating the formation of cornified envelope, repairing the skin barrier to resist cell drying, and moisturizing the skin long-lastingly. So Gmoist Sea-Gel can maintain skin healthy and watery, and bring users bright skin and a smooth and clean touch-feeling.

Features and benefits

  • 1. Resists cell drying, improves skin moisturizing ability
  • 2. Regulates the formation of cornified envelope, participates in the construction of skin barrier.

Cornified Envelope Gene Experiment:

Genetic expression results – Loricrin(LOR)/Involucrin(IVL)

*GAPDH: Glyceraldehyde一3-phosphate dehydrogenase

Cell drying experiment

protecting firstly, then drying mode

Conclusion: dry for 15 min until cell viability decreases to 60%, anti-drying level of Sea-Gel is about 18%.

Clinical experiment:

Long-effect Moisturizing(n=14)

PS: compared to NT,* P<0.05;** P<0.01,*** P<0.001

Conclusion: apply it for 14d, 10% Sea-Gel(+34%,-19%)> 0.2% HA(+15%,-16%).

* The above data are only partial reference data, please contact us for more information.