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Antisebum GMP


Antisebum GMP is a safe, brand-new anti-acne ingredient with combinative function: anti-bacteria, anti-inflammation and anti-sebum. Under inspiration from "Compendium of Materia Medica” which saying, ” to cure body skin with vegetation skin”, Antisebum GMP is extracted via advanced biotechnology from 3 classical vegetation skin, namely: magnolia officinalis, punica granatum and garcinia mangostanacan. It can treat acne via cooperative effects of three active ingredients. It solves acne problems caused by clogged pores or excessive sebum secretion, inhibits propionibacterium acnes viability and skin irritation arising by propionibacterium acnes. Also, it possesses good sebum normalizing effects.

Features and benefits

  • 1.  Inhibits the secretion of sebum, restrains acne;

  • 2.  Interferes inflammatory factor’s synthesis and performance, inhibits skin irritation arising from acne;

  • 3.  Inhibits bacteria and diminishes inflammation strongly, prevents Propionibacterium acne’s breeding, leaves skin smooth.

Anti-sebum experiment:

Anti-sebum Model of SZ95 Cells

Conclusion: GMP can effectively reduce sebum synthesis and inhibit acne caused by excessive sebum secretion.

Anti-keratinization experiment:

Genetic Expression Model

Note: compared with the control group, * P<0.05; ** P<0.01.

 Conclusion: GMP can effectively reduce the expression of related protein genes during the keratinization process.

Anti-bacteria experiment:

P. acnes IC50 Inhibition Model

 Conclusion: GMP has a better antibacterial effect than salicylic acid and can inhibit the growth of P. acnes more effectively.

Anti-inflammation experiment:

Anti-inflammation Model for Raw 264.7 cells

 Conclusion: GMP can specifically inhibit P. acnes-induced inflammation

*  The above data are only partial reference data, please contact us for more information.