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Renovate ECT


Renovate ECT is a small molecule derivative from amino acid, which is extracted from extremophiles. As an active ingredient with various cell-protecting functions, Renovate Ectoin has a simple mechanism of action and strong effects. It can protect skin cell from all damage elements, such as free radical, UV, PM pollution, hot temperature, coldness, etc., and keep skin healthy with moisturizing and anti-inflammation action.

Features and benefits

  • 1.  Improves immunity of skin cells, accelerates the self-healing of damaged cells;

  • 2.  Resists damage on skin cell caused by surrounding pressure.

Accelerating Cell-repairing:

Stimulating HSP Forming

Conclusion: Renovate ECT can grow twice or triple the speed of stress adaptation and self-curing 。

Repairing Sun-burn Skin:

Inhibiting forming of damaged cells  

Conclusion: Renovate ECT can reduce 89%  damaged  cells induced by UV irradiation, and can protect skin from sunshine’s negative effects on cell.

Strengthen Skin Immunity:

Protecting Langerhans Cell

Conclusion: Renovate ECT can inhibit DNA damage induced by UVA effectively.

*  The above data are only partial reference data, please contact us for more information.